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  • you are loved exactly as you are
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 I help women gain confidence, lose weight and find more joy.

Your best is yet to come...

Join us on a six week journey where you'll create excellent habits, reclaim your time, increase your happiness and feel confident about your future. 

GOOD NEWS! I've now added personalized nutrition coaching with Precision Nutrition ProCoach at no extra cost. This includes a plan created just for you, daily check-ins and a scientifically developed curriculum for lifelong health without restrictions or 'diets.'


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Reclaim Your Energy, Your Health, Your Time and Your Confidence

Next Group Begins July 13th, 2020

We use the best of positive psychology, brain science, high performance habits and Life Coaching to help you create a plan.

What you’ll get:

  • A Permanent Food/Weight/Fitness Solution  so you can stop using so much mental and emotional energy to worry about weight and health.
  • Tools, techniques to accomplish every goal in your life so you won’t have to search for a new system with every new goal.
  • Six weeks of step-by-step lessons, worksheets, text reminders and coaching so you can learn everything efficiently and effectively. 
  • A vibrant community of like minded women to cheer you on, answer question and find solutions so you don’t feel alone in your struggles.


If you get to the end of the course and feel like it was not worth your money, I will refund you immediately (during business hours). I'm willing to take this risk because I've seen this program help people and I can’t bear the thought of you passing it up because you’re not sure whether or not it will work.

Thrive Permanent Weight Loss July 13th


Your Health is not an Expense; It's an Investment

  • Membership to Precision Nutrition with Quick Start Guide, Daily Check Ins and a Proven Curriculum
  • Weekly Transformative Lessons, Powerful Checklists and Worksheets
  • Personal Coaching Calls To Help You Tackle Any Problem, Any Goal
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls with a Warm, Supportive Group 
  • Private Facebook Group to Connect and Share Ideas and Inspiration
  • Thrive SUCCESS Box Mailed to your home (no international shipping)
  • BONUS! I'm also including our powerful Communication Mastery Course because we use so many of the same skills in communication that we do in health and wellness. 
Yes, Please! Count Me In!

Thrive FREE Trial Until July 13th


Come on in, my friend. Take a look around.


  • FREE Membership to Precision Nutrition Coaching
  • Quick Start Guide personalized to to your goals, age, health, needs and food preferences (valued at $150)
  • Week One PDF on 'How To Set Yourself Up for Success" with Powerful Checklists and Worksheets
  • One FREE Personal Coaching Call to Help You Create a Personalized Plan
Yes, Please! Count Me In!

You are perfect exactly as you are, but there are three good reasons to consider losing weight:

  1.  if your weight adversely affects your health
  2. if your weight keeps you from activities you love
  3. if your weight consumes mental and emotional energy. 

You have so much good work to do in the world. Let’s solve your food/weight issues and give you more freedom.

Learn more about Thrive in this FREE pdf. 

Trying to decide? Let's get on a call. No cost. No obligation.

Hey, I'd love to help you come up with a personalized plan for you to Thrive for the next six weeks. No cost. No obligation. We'll make a plan together. I'll tell you more about Thrive and leave the decision to you (I don't even know how to give a high-pressure sales pitch!).

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Claudia Hill

My original intention for joining MIND + BODY was to lose a stubborn 5 pounds. “If Michelle could help me with that alone, then it would all be worth it” was my original thought.

After two weeks, I effortlessly lost 5+ pounds and gained tools that have strengthened me physically, mentally and spiritually!

These tools are presented in an easy, beautiful, and educated, Lehnardt fashion. The awareness I’ve gained has affected how I show up as a friend, wife and mother. I am forever grateful for the long term effects this program has had on me personally and in my interactions with those I love. 

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Laura Graham

As a parent I was told over and over to take care of myself because then I could take better care of others. This frustrated me because I honestly didn't know what that meant or how to do it. I just dieted and did exercise challenges but didn't feel rejuvenated or inspired. Just more tired and more depleted. Michelle's program taught me that self-care is being really, really kind to myself. It is listening to and helping myself get what I want.. Self-care is fulfilling my own needs so I don't need my children to act a certain way in order for me to be happy, patient or present. Michelle's program is really about loving yourself so you can love others more freely and deeply. From her program I gained courage, self-love, empathy, peace and better understanding of what my personal needs are.  I cannot recommend this program or her as a coach enough!! She is lovely, kind and compassionate but also honest and motivating. I loved her program and I know you will too!

Yes, Please! Count Me In!